Simon James London and its subsidiary Empire Beauty Group
A specialist boutique fragrance and beauty marketing company, that creates develops and markets unique high quality & high design brand concepts rooted and inspired by the highest Fashion and Iconic, Pop Cultural Influences.  We utilize all visual and tactile components to make a profound Fragrance fashion statement. Marketing imagery, packaging, bottle shape and design of the fragrance itself are all strategically choreographed to elicit deliberate emotional cues that highlight the experience of the fragrance its self.

It is this design and branding signature that we believe emotionally ‘CONNECTS” our products before you even get to sample the exquisite fragrance and beauty products we produce. We believe in telling compelling stories through our innovative design concepts, we give the consumer access to our brands in an honest compelling, and powerful way.  Our marketing strategy inject a sense of excitement, discovery and uniqueness while capitalizing on the high built in brand awareness, fan loyalty and desirability of our brands.
Our exciting Portfolio of Licensed brands include,  “Empire"  "Jane Seymour" & "Bruno Magli” 

Empire Fragrances
Our licensing partnership with Twentieth Century Fox highly acclaimed Television series “Empire” created the visionary Lee Daniels, has resulted in the creation of two extraordinary fragrances that evoke the very essence of the shows groundbreaking characters.  The inspiration for the brand concept was the instantly transformative narrative of striking gold. The idea expressed literally via the gold nugget design of our fragrance candle design and metaphorically expressed via the gold hue, crocodile trim, and Jeweled facets caps of the bottle designs. The dream of going gold in the music industry and the instant riches such a strike has bestowed on scores of artists, producers and executives of the genre, brilliantly exemplified by the Lyon Clan in Empire was a powerful reference. The creative challenge was to capture in our bottle and packaging design the overt expressions of riches, street swagger and bravado of this Iconic world” which culminated in the finishing touch off the Empire “E” pendent that adorn both fragrance bottles.

Lyons Legacy - Technical Fragrance Notes
Woody-Citrus-Ambery……. A sophisticated masculine scent that opens with a sparkling blend of bergamot and lemon water, leading to an aromatic heart of lavender buds, crisp geranium, and clary sage, with a drydown enriched with dark & mysterious notes of warm amber, vanilla suede and tobacco leaf.

Lyons Truth - Technical Fragrance Notes
Floral -Oriental….. A floriental blend that is, all at once, feminine and bold.  Notes of juicy blackberry and velvet plum easily flirt with the floral soul of Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid and violet blossom, while drydown notes of creamy sandalwood, rich vanilla and soft tonka provide the sensual base that anchors this luxurious fragrance.

Our  Exclusive Fragrance House - Ungerer & Company
SJL|EBG works exclusively with our strategic Partner Ungerer & Company, one of the premier fragrance and beauty houses in the world to design and produce our exquisite fragrance and beauty formulations. Founded in 1893, Ungerer & Company remains today a privately held and family owned company specializing in Fragrances, Flavors, and the finest Natural Essential Oils. Ungerer's heritage is based on an entrepreneurial spirit combined with an amazing ability to support and sustain long standing business relationships (some now over 100 year old).  Ungerer & Compamy's  mission is to combine the artisanship of perfumery with state of the art technology and science, to achieve the breakthrough fragrances they develop for us.